Jeff Pearlman

Website Design | Development
Work created while at B Two Design

Jeff Pearlman is a New York Times best selling author of six-books, and full time blogger. He primarily focus's on telling the true stories of sports teams and players. Jeff came to B Two for a redesign of his existing website, his biggest request was a better mobile experience for those following his blog, so the obvious answer was responsive design. He also wanted a way to showcase his "Quaz" articles which are Q & A style interviews with people from sports/entertainment/politic/whatever. Since Jeff is a writer we felt it was important for his personality to really show through in the website. We accomplished this by creating a homepage which shows Jeff at work in his favorite corner coffee shop, and what his desk looks like on an average work day. Then on interior pages we took pieces of his career over the past 20 years including: press passes, tickets, photos, books and more which we're incorporated into different background graphics.

My responsibilities in this project include: design and development of the website using WordPress as a content management system.

Screen Shot of Jeff Pearlman Website Homepage
Screen Shot of Jeff Pearlman Website Interior Page on Ipad
Screen Shot of Jeff Pearlman Website Interior page on Iphone
Screen Shot of Jeff Pearlman Website Interior Books Page

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I welcome the opportunity to discuss your companies goals and objectives. I can be reached by phone or email, which can be found on the contact me page. If you would like a more extensive background on my work experience please review my resume.