Terminal Construction Company

Vinyl Wall Wraps | 2700 SQ Ft.
Work created while at Stokes Creative Group
Final Project Photography by Chris Stokes
Project Photography Restoration and Retouching By Faith Andrews
Printed and Installed by Berry and Homer

This project spans over 50 years of Terminal Construction Corporation’s History and Projects. The pictorial timeline begins with three generations of family ownership, and moves into various types of buildings and renderings. As the story continues from the 1950′s through the mid 1970′s the images remain black and white, then in the early 1980′s the images turn to color as the story continues to the current day. This shift from black and white to color symbolizes the shift in power from Father to Son. The stand alone walls, and interior corridor of the pictorial timeline include collages of interior spaces, exterior spaces, and men working depending on what division of work is stationed in that area.

Terminal Construction Wall Art Terminal Construction Wall Art Terminal Construction Wall Art Terminal Construction Wall Art

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