Facetime: A Visual Thesis

Photography, Book Making, Posters, Tee Shirts, Video, Wheat Pasting Campaign

Face Time is a visual thesis based on interpersonal communication. This body of work was created to help bring awareness and insight to the importance of interpersonal communication abilities. In today’s society modern technologies speed up the way we communicate which often breaks down our ability to communicate on an interpersonal level.

This thesis is made up of 5 parts, a photo book, wheat pasting campaign, poster, tee shirts, and video.

The photo book is a photographic study on how on screen language invades our everyday lives, from signage to merchandise, and even into our handwriting. The wheat pasting campaign focus’ on how acronyms break down our writing and spelling abilities, while giving insight on how to strength these abilities.

The tee shirts are 8 bit images of the three presidents most closely associated with the invention and implementation of the internet. They represent a theory that the government released the internet to the general public as a form of control.

The Video Emoticon is a comparison of real life facial expressions to their Emoticon.

Facetime Poster Series Facetime Teeshirt Campaign Facetime Photobook

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